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There’s no better time for overseas-based Indonesians to return home. Discover why.

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The roundabout of Arjuna Wijaya statue in Jakarta

Unboxing Opportunities

There are plenty of exciting roles and career opportunities available in Indonesia. Explore them today. 

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Maya Malidra, Pulang Kampung candidate

Unboxing Returnees' Stories

Other overseas-based Indonesians have chosen to make the brave move of moving back home. Learn their stories.

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Bringing Indonesians home

Pulang Kampung, which means Return Home, is a Robert Walters campaign dedicated to helping overseas Indonesians move back home.

As Indonesia continues to accelerate towards Industry 4.0, the demand for skilled local talent only grows by the day. To help companies meet this demand, Robert Walters Indonesia leverages our international network of offices to help expand their search to include overseas-based Indonesians who may be interested in a move back home.

Whether you’re an overseas-based Indonesian looking to move back home, or an Indonesian-based company looking to expand your search for local talent overseas, we can help. Contact us to find out more.


JD.ID, one of the pioneers in the e-commerce industry, is seeking tech professionals to lead projects to help them expand their business within Indonesia and overseas. They have expanded their search overseas with Pulang Kampung as they know that finding tech savvy, bilingual professionals within the country will be challenging.

We speak to them to find out more about the work they do, their company culture as well as their vision for the future. Get a sneak peek into how it’s like working for JD.ID today.

Stay in Touch

If you are not ready to return to Indonesia yet but would like to stay in touch for the latest job market and opportunities in Indonesia, sign up now.

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