Robert Walters' Success Story: Tatum O’Kembara, Sale Stock, Indonesia


Who? Tatum O' Kembara, Business Operations Manager

Where? Sale Stock, Indonesia

How long? Since 2017




Having been successfully placed by Robert Walters Indonesia at Sale Stock, Tatum O' Kembara explains how the recruitment company helped her in her professional journey and her views on working in the local market.

Which role did Robert Walters recently assist you in securing? 

“I have recently started working as business operations manager in Sale Stock. Sale Stock is a tech start-up company which focuses on using artificial intelligence to provide affordable quality clothing. It has been about three weeks since I joined this new company, and it has been really great so far.

"I am managing a team of internal consultants and we report directly to the president of the company. We work on projects to improve the operations and business of the company via the technology they use."

How has Robert Walters Indonesia helped you in your professional journey? 

“It has really helped me in transitioning from the management consulting industry (which was my previous job) to the tech industry, which is my current role. I am really happy with my new role right now and I don’t think I would have been able to land this role without Robert Walters.

"The company introduced me to the role and really helped in boosting my qualifications and credentials to the CEO during the recruitment process."

In your experience, what did you love most about working with Robert Walters?

“I found it immensely helpful that Robert Walters' consultants were able to efficiently analyse and explain to me about the dynamics of Indonesia's job market. When I was trying to find a job which was outside of my then current role, I didn’t know how I could leverage my qualifications for such a job, or who could afford me etc. At that time, Robert Walters really helped me choose the right path and identify my potential employers.

"Secondly, as mentioned, I was a little worried about how exactly to sell myself to companies outside of my industry. The consultants, in particular, helped to explain to the CEO my strengths and how I could add value to the company using my unique skill sets."

“I found it immensely helpful that Robert Walters' consultants were able to efficiently analyse and explain to me about the dynamics of Indonesia's job market."

How would you summarise the work culture in Jakarta, Indonesia?

"I moved to Jakarta after completing my masters in 2015. The culture is very fast-paced, and there is also a lot of client demand."

"Working hours are pretty long and intense. The public sector, for instance, is more challenging than the private sector. There are more governmental regulations which are constantly evolving, so it is more important to keep up-to-date if you wish to succeed." 

What advice would you give to someone who is coming in to Indonesia to work? 

“Connections really help in navigating the work culture in Indonesia and helping you to succeed.

"Good communication skills also help in effectively communicating with different levels of seniority in organisations and the white collared and blue collared people. That is definitely something one needs to master in Indonesia." 

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