Robert Walters Indonesia supports victims of recent Palu-Donggala tsunami through Charity Day 2018


The Robert Walters Group held its annual fundraising event on 12 October 2018 and this year, the Indonesia office fundraised for the victims of the recent tsunami that hit Palu and Donggala, through Charity in Unity.

Overcoming personal fears for good

This year’s theme for the Indonesia office was “Fear Factor”. Members of staff were challenged to face their fears to support the victims of the tsunami. Fund-raising activities included an international delicacies challenge, where brave members of staff ate dishes such as goat’s brain, feet, eyes, and more. In “Brave the Shave”, our male staff members were challenged to wax their hair, and in “Queen of the World”, male participants had a walk-off in heels. 

In addition to these activities, we also held “Flex for a Cause”, where staff members took on physical challenges to raise more funds. There was also a “must-have” bake sale, with delicious Indonesia’s traditional cakes such as ‘Onde – Onde’,  ‘Kampung’ Dougnut, ‘Lontong’ (rice meat cake) and more.

Eric Mary, Country Manager of Robert Walters Indonesia, said “It’s my first Global Charity Day in the Jakarta office and I was amazed by our team members’ commitment and creativity in organising activities to help raise funds for good. I was proud that they also did this by facing their fears head-on while still managing to have fun. Together, we hope that we were able to play our part in helping Charity in Unity reach out and assist the victims of the tsunami in Palu and Donggola.”

About Charity in Unity

Charity in Unity, established in 2015, was founded by four young Indonesians known for organising the “shoeofsoul” movement. The movement helped to provide hundred of shoes for elementary school children in Rote, Sombori and Sabu Islands.

Their vision is simple; they want to see Indonesian children living in poverty go to school everyday. Recognising that shoes aren’t the only tools the children need to go the school, they have expanded their services to provide books and uniforms, and build libraries. 

After the recent disaster in Palu and Donggola, they are channelling their help to restore both the lives of people and especially children in both cities. 

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