Hiring in Supply Chain and Procurement: More talents needed amidst market recovery

William Unthario, Senior Consultant of Supply Chain, Engineering and Procurement division at Robert Walters Indonesia

Like other industries transitioning into the endemic phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s supply chain and procurement industry saw a rebound in global trade. “Companies hired extensively to keep up with pent-up production demands, particularly in sectors like cosmetics and automotive goods which were most impacted by COVID. We also saw candidates turn their sights towards established companies when switching roles,” recaps William Unthario, Senior Consultant at Robert Walters Indonesia.

William adds, “As the market continues with its recovery, we’ll see more foreign investors trying to penetrate the Indonesia market. They will actively seek out seasoned candidates from established companies to serve as country managers for their own business.”

Read on to find out more about William’s expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for Supply Chain and Procurement professionals in 2023.

Boom in logistics, consumer goods and energy markets

As companies adapt to a post-pandemic era, William believes that hiring demand will soar in industries directly tied to new consumer demands. “Import and export markets are back to pre-COVID levels, so more hiring is expected in the logistics industry. Hiring in consumer goods will also see a steady increase now that more companies have set out to expand their facilities and production capacities,” he shares. “There is also a massive demand for energy, so companies in this space will boost production and explore new sites for acquisitions.”

Management and R&D

William highlights, “Companies will pay more attention to candidates with sustainability knowledge, project management skills and experience in continuous improvement processes. Within the space, the most sought after roles pertain to supply chain management, R&D and project management.” 

Help millennial employees grow

“My advice to hiring managers in 2023 is to retain your talent by providing clearer career projections. Millennials make up a good proportion of employees at the managerial level and they tend to prioritise career growth. They appreciate it when companies can help them achieve their career goals,” William discloses.

In addition to that, William says companies should also note that supply chain and procurement candidates who are not based in the factory would prefer to have flexible or hybrid work arrangements. Providing such arrangements can go a long way towards attracting or retaining talent.

Retain talent by providing clearer career projections and growth.

Salary increments to remain stable

“Most companies are still recovering from their losses in the last two years,” remarks William. As such, salaries will increase at a stable rate of 10% to 20% in 2023. 

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