The future of work - futureproofing careers and workforces


The Covid-19 pandemic led to the world’s largest ever workplace experiment as companies were forced to quickly mobilise their workforces from office-based working to home working with very little warning or preparation.

Employees who had never previously worked from home before began to experience the impacts on their health, family relationships and mental wellbeing. Managers discovered that their teams could remain productive and connected while working remotely.

But, what have we learned and how might this shape the future of work? And which of the perceived positives of flexible working should Hiring Managers approach with caution when planning their workforces of the future? 

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  • The new era of flexibility
  • Tomorrow's most in demand skills
  • Leading in the new era of work
  • Curating a workforce for the future
  • Preparing your organisation for the future

Watch the webinar

Robert Walters has also put together a webinar on the 'Future of work - Future proofing careers and workforces'. Watch the webinar here or explore our other webinars.

Download the guide