Hiring in Human Resources: Emphasis on soft skills among Human Resources professionals in 2023

Rachmi Fauzie, Manager of Human Resources at Robert Walters Indonesia

The global pandemic has seen companies shift towards new ways of working, such as providing flexible work arrangements. “Companies are also leveraging technology such as HR automation and data-driven recruiting to work smarter,” says Rachmi Fauzie, Manager of Human Resources at Robert Walters Indonesia.


Read on to find out more about Rachmi’s expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for Human Resources professionals in 2023.

Employee branding key to attracting talent

Rachmi advises companies to invest in employee branding, as a good corporate reputation plays an important role in influencing candidates that are looking for job opportunities. 

“Candidates form perceptions of the company from the very beginning of the hiring process, so having a smooth, positive candidate experience also boosts your odds of securing promising talents.” she adds.

Lastly, candidates will also continue to seek out flexible and remote work arrangements.

Strong demand for emotional intelligence, adaptability and D&I 

“Companies are looking for candidates who are adaptable to change within fast-paced work environments. They should be able to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence to build rapport and trust with stakeholders. We also see demand for HR professionals who can champion Diversity & Inclusion strategies and campaigns - thereby enhancing productivity and creating a better workplace for their organisations,” shares Rachmi. 

Roles in HR business partnering, recruitment, and industrial relations will be highly sought after in 2023.

Companies to offer competitive salary packages, professional development 

“My advice to hiring managers in 2023 is to be clear about your employees’ job scopes and their progression plans for the short, medium and long term. Work on a comprehensive development program for different levels within the organisation and offer attractive compensation & benefits based on the current market rates. This will help to motivate employees and build loyalty,” Rachmi shares.

“There should always be open and transparent communication across all staff levels in the organisation, from junior executives all the way up to the management,” she adds. 

Invest in employee branding. Good corporate reputation is important to attract talent.

Salaries to increase in 2023

Salaries will increase at a stable rate in 2023. "We expect that jobseekers will seek the usual 15% to 25% salary increment when moving to new roles," Rachmi mentions. Companies will also offer additional benefits such as employee wellbeing allowances or flexible benefits.

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