Hiring in Digital: Digital professionals take charge of hiring market

Ashish Nawani, Consultant at Robert Walters Indonesia

Demand for digital talent in Indonesia soared to new highs in 2022. “Even conventional companies have begun placing more focus on digital, especially on digital acquisitions and retentions. There is a huge appetite for experienced talent, but supply of quality talent on the market is limited. Candidates are also aware of this talent crunch in the space, which gives them more bargaining power,” says Ashish Nawani, Consultant at Robert Walters Indonesia.

Read on to find out more about Ashish’s expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for Digital professionals in 2023.

Candidates have their say

“Due to the talent crunch, candidates now have higher expectations. They tend to want higher pay increments from their companies and will not hesitate to start looking elsewhere because there are plenty of opportunities,” shares Ashish. “Many candidates also now request for hybrid or remote work arrangements.”

Looking at larger industry trends, retail companies are experiencing stable growth, so it is expected that there will be a higher demand for more e-commerce and digital marketing candidates.

All-around demand

With companies across all industries going digital, a broad range of talents are in demand. Roles that will be popular in 2023 include e-commerce managers, brand managers and performance marketers with the necessary skill sets for digital acquisition.

Provide clarity on all matters

Ashish notes, “My advice for companies in 2023 is to always be clear about targets, career progression and growth prospects. Candidates have been shown to resign when given unrealistic targets or unclear instructions. Therefore, keep lines of communication open, plan out their promotion pathways well and provide high salary increments to retain and attract talent. Flexible or hybrid work arrangements are also important.” 

Always be clear about targets, career progression and growth prospects.

Salaries to rise in 2023

Salaries will go up as candidates now expect a 15% increment at minimum, with wages rising to around 30%.

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