New Office Set-up Case Study: International Retailer

setting up a new branch in a mall

Setting up operations in a new market and country is a large undertaking and having the right talent is one of the main ingredients for success.This international retailer was looking to set up their first branch in Ho Chi Minh, and be one of the first few large clothing retailers in the growing market. 

As the client was unfamiliar with the landscape, they weren't just looking for recruiters who could provide them with candidates; they were looking for a partner who could advise them on the talent landscape, candidate expectations and appropriate compensation packages.

What recruitment challenges did they face?

Given it was a new set up, they needed talent from across functions, including HR, Finance, Marketing, PR, Sales and more.

How did Robert Walters support them? 

Since the retail market was relatively young in 2017, Robert Walters had to be creative in our recruitment to ensure our client had the right talent. We designed an end-to-end recruitment process tailored specifically for their needs. Given the wide scope of the project, we also decided it was best to assign a dedicated consultant to manage their account.

The team created a group interview process as well, so they could see how candidates interacted with each other and the panel of interviewers. In addition to this, we also advertised on the appropriate channels to help expand our search. 

What were the results?

We were able to deliver over 100 CVs to the client, of which over 25 people were hired. The client greatly appreciated our agility, creativity and commitment in making sure they had the right information, process and people to set up their first branch within Vietnam.  

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