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Embracing change in the workplace

It has never been more important for employees to embrace changes in their working environment. Here are our tips for adapting to change.

6 tips to future-proof your employability

How can you ensure your career is 'future-proof'? In a turbulent working climate, we explore top skills that will enable you to adapt and shine in the new era of work.

Six signs it's time to change jobs

Your interests and goals naturally change over time, but how do you know if you’re ready for a job change? Here are a few indicators that it might be time for you to make your move.

Negotiating your salary

Understanding a company's situation and your own value can help you to get the salary you desire. Here's what you need to know before entering into negotiations.

Boost your internal profile

Sometimes all it takes is a little extra work to catch your employer's attention. These quick and easy tips will boost your internal profile and help progress your career. Learn more.

How to handle a counter-offer

You've been offered the job of your dreams, but your employer has put forth a counter-offer to tempt you to stay. Here's what you should do to handle the situation.

5 expert tips for your next accounting job interview

Are you looking to make your next move in the accountancy industry? We’ve asked our accountancy experts for their top tips to help you shine in your next interview.

Answering common interview questions

To help you excel in and make the most out of your job interviews, here are some common interview questions, and our suggestions on how you could best answer them to stand out from the competition.

3 qualities companies seek in a business development lead

Companies today are looking for business development leads who understand that it’s not just about making immediate deal, it’s about the long-term. With the rapid rise of e-commerce, digitalisation and professional services has seen the role of a business development lead or manager evolve.