About WeLab

Who We Are

Since 2013, WeLab has been focusing on creating real impact for the financial industry with technology and innovation. We combine the power of fintech with the power of people to open a new world of digital banking. Today, we have brought together over 800 passionate talents across Asia in the WeLab family to continue working tirelessly, every single day, to provide greater convenience and accessibility to financial services. Highlighting several significant milestones across our businesses:

  • 50m+ registered users & 700+ enterprise customers
  • #7 overall best mobile banking service in Asia
  • #1 pure online lending platform in Hong Kong
  • #3 online customer credit platform in Mainland China
  • US$10 bn total loans facilitated and originated to date
  • US$900m+ raised in strategic funding


What We Envision

Bringing joy to your financial journey


What We Represent

We live and breathe our values every day. Our values, 𝗔𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗣, shape our approach to everything we do.

𝗔mbitious - We are intellectually curious with a strong growth mindset.

𝗧eam Player - We understand that we each have a part to play in whether our team succeeds.

𝗥esults-oriented - We are resourceful problem solvers with a bias to action.

𝗜nnovative - We are dedicated to creating solutions that don’t exist yet.

𝗣ersistent – We never give up and can bounce back from adversity.