Robert Walters' Success Story: Ronald Gani Ciuwandi, MC Living Essential Indonesia


Who? Ronald Gani Ciuwandi, Head of Sales

Where? MC Living Essential Indonesia

How long? Since 2021


For 12 years, Ronald was constantly on the road, travelling around the world for his career, with his wife accompanying him throughout the journey. However, after 2 years in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China, where business opportunities were aplenty, the couple decided that it was time to settle down.

With his experience deeply rooted in the field of FMCG and a flair for technology, he was interested in working for a technological company that have connections with the FMCG industry. However, he had concerns about the job placement as he wanted to ensure that both he and his wife has a suitable place to settle down and plan for their future.

Thankfully, his concerns were dispelled when our International Candidate Manager (ICM) reached out to him to explain the Return Home Campaign. At that point in time, though he hadn’t planned on returning home yet, he was still keen on finding out more about the campaign and how it can help expatriates like him return home.

The campaign helped him open doors to new opportunity, where he was able to find companies that suited his preferences and past experiences upon his return to Indonesia. “ The process is very seamless and the consultation they provided also help me to make decisions. It’s a great experience to be helped by Return Home Campaign from Robert Walters”, Ronald shares.

Finally, Ronald’s advice to anyone who’s looking to return home, “I believe that the experience of working overseas is one of the golden opportunities that life could provide for us Indonesians. Nevertheless, everybody will make decisions based on their future plans and career. One thing for sure, all those times abroad opened up my eyes to how big the world is and how myopic my views were before I travelled, and I believe this will be a valuable point in my future career. When you decide to return home like me, I believe those values that you obtained abroad will also become a great pivotal point for enhancing your career. Return Home Campaign will definitely be able to help you find a suitable company that could utilize those values well. Best of luck!” 


Are you thinking about moving home or know someone who would like to Pulang Kampung? Have a conversation with Belin Delannoy, our International Candidate Manager (ICM), to find out more about opportunities in Indonesia.

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