Robert Walters' Success Story: Maya Malidra, Shopee, Indonesia

Maya Malidra

Who? Maya Malidra, Operations Project Manager

Where? Shopee, Indonesia

How long? Since 2017




Having been successfully placed by Robert Walters Indonesia at Shopee, Maya Malidra explains how the recruitment company helped her in her professional journey and her views on working in the local market.

Please describe the responsibilities of your new job.

Sorry I can't disclose this at the moment.

Where were you before this and why did you decide to return home to work?

I worked in Singapore for a couple of years, most recently in JPMorgan. Since my family members still live in Indonesia, I had always planned to come back eventually. My husband found a role in Indonesia in 2017 so I decided the time had come for me to come home. This was a very timely decision, as I also felt that I had reached the stage in my professional journey where I wanted to try something new.

How would you describe the work culture in Indonesia?

I can't generalize the work culture in Indonesia; I can only share my personal experience.

For those of you who heard that workplace in Indonesia is more laid back compared to workplaces overseas, that's a myth! I've never worked harder than I do right now. My Indonesian colleagues are super nice (in general), at the same time they are also the hardest working bunch I've seen.

People in Shopee, and Sea Group in general, work very hard when they believe in something. Also being in a 24/7 business like e-commerce means making a lot of decisions around the clock. If you're keen to create impact, the place is Indonesia, the time is now.

Please explain how Robert Walters helped you resume your career in Indonesia. How was the entire journey? What do you think was the best part of working with Robert Walters for your placement?

Robert Walters has helped to update me on the different workplace norms present in different industries in Indonesia. Being away for so long, I was really not well informed of the present professional opportunities and salary benchmarks, all which Robert Walters helped me with.

The best part of working with Robert Walters was the fact that my consultant was well connected. The information shared was very useful, I was able to tap into her personal network and she was even willing to arrange a meeting with my future colleague. 

How did you find out about Robert Walters’ Pulang Kampung programme?

Pulang Kampung programme popped up a few times in my LinkedIn timeline. I also happened to know my consultant in person from our university days. I believe this programme is very helpful for people literally trying to "Pulang Kampung" like me, as it is really nice to have somebody to guide you in this journey.

Any feedback on the programme? What do you think is the true value it provides for professionals like you? Will you recommend it to others?

I have experienced the value that it brings in terms of local market updates and network, and will recommend it to other overseas professionals looking to come back to Indonesia.

What advice would you give to other overseas Indonesians who are planning on returning home to work? Anything they need to prep for?

Get ready to work anywhere! One of the things I am still struggling to understand in Jakarta is the traffic. Some days it takes 30 minutes to go to work, other days 2 hours. I have learned to have my laptop and mobile fully charged at all times so I can somehow work during my commute. I also try to have at least 1 hour buffer between external meetings.

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