Is international work experience worth it?

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A recent survey conducted by Robert Walters gathered the opinions and experiences of 140 professionals to give insight into what's important to today’s workforce. We were interested to find out just how important U.S. respondents found international work experience to be. Of those polled, approximately:

- 49% consider it helpful, but not necessarily crucial
- 24% thought it extremely useful
- 15% said they think international work experience is essential

The majority of those who believed international work experience to be useful cited “international exposure” as their number one reason to pursue international work experience. Other driving factors were better career opportunities, improved work/life balance abroad and higher income potential.

"Thanks to the proliferation of technology, we're living in an increasingly global economy. In certain disciplines, talented professionals with experience in foreign markets and cultures have a great advantage over those who are limited to U.S. experience only." - Simon Bromwell, Managing Director (Robert Walters California)

With overseas experience on your CV, a potential employer might infer that you are adventurous, good at adapting to new or changing conditions and perhaps even a bit fearless. These can be desirable traits to a company looking for an intrepid go-getter—especially when coupled with more tangible qualities like the ability to speak another language or firsthand experience with a foreign market and culture.

The invaluable personal development that goes along with being immersed in another culture can also directly or indirectly impact career growth. Spending time working in another country can broaden perspective and lead to a greater understanding of different types of people. This sort of experience, while perhaps not measurable on a CV, can certainly contribute to professional success.

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