Reasons why we love working at Robert Walters Indonesia


Since being established in 2011, Robert Walters Indonesia has made an extraordinary mark as not only a top professional recruitment firm for specialist roles across diverse industries but also as an employer of choice in Indonesia. 

As we toast to 10 years of recruitment excellence in Indonesia, we asked some of our employees their favourite things about working in the firm. Here are the reasons why they enjoy working here:

“I really appreciate how Robert Walters Indonesia gives us the flexibility and autonomy to manage our own actions and be accountable for our own business.” 

Andy Canggadibrata
Manager – Commerce Finance

“I love that we are rewarded based on our performance here at Robert Walters Indonesia. Our merit-based, high performing, and yet collaborative and no politics culture in the company always motivates me to give my very best! I also appreciate how working at Robert Walters Indonesia really makes me feel like I’m part of a multinational firm – every employee is well-connected with our other SEA partners and counterparts, and we often have the chance of doing relevant trainings in different countries.”

Michelle Tanjung
Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing

“I truly enjoy the flexibility provided at Robert Walters Indonesia. The work is rewarding, and we have the autonomy to manage our own portfolios and markets. I would say the trust the company has in us is really invaluable!” 

Marsela Sari
Senior Consultant – Sales & Marketing B2C 

“Robert Walters Indonesia has one of the best working culture in my entire career. The values of teamwork, integrity and quality are literally reflected in every person I’m working with. In addition, I look forward to the positive energy that is being shared in the office every day!” 

Albertus Pratama
Senior Consultant – Legal

"I'm a mom with 2 kids and during my 5 years working here, Robert Walters Indonesia has always provided me with the autonomy to manage my own time, so I can deal with unexpected school activities for my kids. The company truly trusts us and provides us with flexibility, as long as we're delivering the desired results!" 

Rini Kusumawardhani
Senior Consultant – Financial Services 

“I’m always touched by the huge support provided by our management team at Robert Walters Indonesia! In the company, I am pushed to develop my self-confidence, fulfil my highest potential, and serve all my stakeholders within and outside the organisation to the best of my ability. I also like how the firm is keeping up with the latest technologies and reinventing work processes to make our jobs easier for us. Robert Walters Indonesia is a place where you are appreciated and groomed to be the best.” 

Dores Any Kartika
Office Manager

We’re always looking for outstanding talent to join our business and be part of our next stage of growth. If you’re interested, visit our South East Asia career hub to learn more.