How Asian companies can attract and retain international talents

Robert Walters recently launched our exclusive white paper – A Guide for Asian Companies. According to the whitepaper, 40% of Asian companies plan to increase their international talent headcount in the next 12 months. This increasing demand has resulted in greater challenges attracting and retaining these human resources.

At the whitepaper media launch session, Rachmi Fauzie, Manager of Human Resources shared that 70% of Asian companies plan to internationalise in the next three years. Over 57% of Indonesian companies also have similar plans. However, companies expanding out of Indonesia often find it challenging to recruit and retain talents with international experience to help drive their growth. With this whitepaper targeted at Asian companies, Robert Walters hopes that it serves as a strategic roadmap to help Indonesian businesses attract the talent they need.

The whitepaper stresses the importance for Asian and Indonesian companies to offer competitive remuneration to attract candidates with international experience, defined as those having worked overseas or in multinational companies in Indonesia. To retain top talent, however, companies will need to go a step beyond pay. The top professionals believe that a sense of belonging, company values that match their own, and a healthy culture are all important factors in choosing to stay in a company, and Asian and Indonesian companies have an advantage in these areas. Over 62% international (Asian) talents with experience working in Asian companies rank local corporate culture as the top reason why they enjoy working in Asian companies.

For companies facing challenges in hiring talent with international experience, engaging a specialist recruitment agency that operates globally can help. Read more about the insights our experts shared on the whitepaper with the media via these links:

Please click here for the full copy of the whitepaper.

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