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In a recent exclusive interview with BBC Indonesia, Robert Walters Indonesia shared with the network some of the key hiring and job trends for the country in 2015. The British recruitment consultancy recently launched its annual Global Salary Survey, which revealed that companies operating in Indonesia are in need of employees who are able to speak Indonesian and English fluently.

BBC Indonesia also noted from the survey that the market has seen rapid growth in sectors such as manufacturing, technology and consumer goods, which has resulted in the increased demand for bilingual talent.

Rob Bryson, Director of Robert Walters Indonesia, explained that since there are not many employees who could meet that criteria, companies face difficulties in finding qualified candidates.

Therefore, companies should ensure they do at least three things to attract and retain such talent, Rob explained.

"First you would need to offer an attractive salary package. Secondly, employers should ensure the job comes with ample opportunities for growth. Thirdly, companies should have a strong corporate or brand image – which is critical for attracting and retaining their top talent.”

“To retain bilingual employees, companies must be able to provide them with long-term career progression, opportunities for job expansion and acquire new skills, or the chance to expand their career internationally through work placements or overseas assignments for example,” Rob said.

Bahasa Indonesian to be made a mandatory working language in Indonesia

On the other hand, the Indonesian government is looking to introduce a regulation to protect Indonesian workers in the wake of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) implementation scheduled by end of 2015.

The Minister for Manpower Hanif Dhakiri recently explained that foreign workers who want to work in Indonesia must be proficient in Bahasa Indonesia. This meant that all foreign employees will be required to take a mandatory Indonesian proficiency test before they will be allowed to work in the country.

Although the test has not been officially implemented, some companies which regularly employ foreign workers have started preparing for it.


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Source: BBC Indonesia, 8 February 2015


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