Hiring in Technology and Transformation: Talent is still in demand despite the tech winter

Rika Tantiana, Senior Manager of Tech & Transformation division, Robert Walters Indonesia

Although winter has come to Indonesia’s tech industry, bringing along with it sad news of layoffs, hiring freezes and funding issues, the country remains a candidate-driven market with consistent demand for strong talent.

“Hiring activities are still going strong, especially in growing sectors like financial services and fintech. We notice these strong demands in specific domains like digital banking and lending / financial businesses on digital online platform. A point worth noting is that employers are showing a preference for candidates who have stayed longer in past roles or stable working tenure with notable achievements over those with a history of job hopping,” shares Rika Tantiana, Senior Manager of Robert Walters Indonesia.

Rika adds that candidates are aware of their worth as they tend to have two or three offers at the same time. Remote or hybrid work arrangements are still very much preferred by candidates in the tech space. 

Read on to find out more about Rika’s expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for Technology and Transformation professionals in 2023.

More opportunities in cyber security, CX and SaaS

Rika points to cyber security as the domain that will see more growth in the coming year.

“There will also be a sharp rise in demand for candidates who have deep domain expertise and connections within the SaaS space. The same goes for generalist technologists who are jacks of all trades – companies are really looking for talent who are adaptable,” she notes.

Aside from that, Rika also notices a significant increase demand for a Customer Experience profile who posses all round of customer care realm from customer journey touch points, contact / customer care, CRM management, etc. 

Engineers and transformation experts are in demand

Given the rising prominence of the cyber security space, any skill sets in this area will be highly sought after. “Employers are also on the lookout for full stack engineers and backend Golang engineers who have a data-driven mindset,” Rika adds.

Outside of engineering, IT professionals with solid experiences in technology transformation projects will also be in high demand. Specific areas include data migration from on-premises to cloud, Digital Transformation relating with ERP implementation and system integration.

Taking care of your employees

Shedding some light on candidate motivations in recent times, Rika has a few pieces of advice for companies looking to attract and retain talent in 2023. Top on her list of steps that companies can take is to provide meaningful benefits for their employees. “What we’re hearing from candidates is that these benefits are often a key reason why they want to stay at their current organisation. These benefits don’t have to be solely monetary. Those around flexibility and mental wellness count too,” she states.

There are also long-term benefits for companies to provide talent development opportunities. On this point, Rika notes, “Helping your team to develop themselves so they can provide real value that’s aligned to your organisation needs – that’s a win-win strategy for both you and your employees.”

Lastly, candidates now seek hybrid or flexible work arrangements, so companies who cater to this appetite will do well to catch the real rising talent as well as the proven records high performers to join their organization. 

Develop employees so they can provide real value to the organisation.

More to be packed into compensations packages

In 2023, candidates will continue to expect a 20% to 30% increase in salaries when changing jobs. Employee stock options and flexible benefits are also increasingly a norm within the candidate’s overall compensation package.

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