Shared Services Case Study: Insurance Company

To deliver a quality customer experience and meet growing business needs, this world leading insurance company sought a Mac Support Engineer with expertise in improving the end-user experience for Apple devices to grow their shared services. They had worked with several agencies but were unable to find someone suitable to fill the role given the limited talent pool. Knowing Robert Walters Malaysia had a team of specialist tech recruiters, they reached out to us to help fill the role. 


Find a Mac Support Engineer tasked to improve the end-user experience for Apple devices within the business. The challenge lay in the fact that the pool of talent within Kuala Lumpur was limited, and the client required the candidate to be able to lead a team providing shared services, on top of the required technical skill set. 


After listening to the clients’ needs, the Robert Walters team was able to quickly advise the client that finding a talent who fit their needs may not be possible given the urgency on the role. Robert Walters has always been a strong proponent of hiring based on potential, and given the small pool of talent, we advised the client to consider candidates who may not tick all of their boxes, but showed strong ability to learn and pick up new skills quickly.

After hearing the benefits of hiring for potential, the client was open to the idea and the team started its sourcing for suitable candidates. 


In just two months, Robert Walters was able to place a Mac Support Engineer in the company and the client was very pleased to secure a high potential individual to drive their business forward.

“We were very impressed with the entire recruitment process with Robert Walters. The position was vacant for several months and we needed a manager to be able to lead the team so that we could grow our shared services. While Robert Walters wasn’t able to provide exactly what we thought we needed, they were able to come up with a solution that would allow us to solve our problems,” said the hiring manager at this insurance company.

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