Robert Walters would like to alert you to impersonation scams involving individuals posing as Robert Walters employees. We have received numerous inquiries regarding local or overseas texts and calls via different platforms, including WhatsApp, with potential job opportunities sent by such individuals falsely claiming to represent Robert Walters. These individuals may request personal information such as CVs, bank details, and personal ID copies.

Here at Robert Walters, we take such incidents seriously. We urge you to be careful with revealing personal and confidential information, whether via messaging platforms or over phone calls, to unverified parties. We also ask you to exercise utmost caution and to verify the identity of the caller.

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Impersonation Fraud

To safeguard yourself, please be extra careful when you receive an unsolicited message or any other form of communication asking you to provide confidential or personal information. Under no circumstances should you provide your personal information including without limitation your full name and banking details to any third parties via SMS, WhatsApp, or any other communication platforms unless you have verified the authenticity of such requests. Should you find any individual to be suspicious, please delete and block such individual on the platform. 

How to Verify Authenticity of Message

If you have received a suspicious text message or phone call purportedly from Robert Walters Indonesia, you may contact us via email at to verify the authenticity of the individual by providing us with such individual’s full name and telephone number. Please do not respond to such individual or click on any hyperlink.

Robert Walters’ recruitment process is transparent and does not require any form of payment for job applications. All our job listings are available on Robert Walters website and LinkedIn. You may verify any job openings purported against those listed on Robert Walters website if you have any doubts.

Job scams are on the rise and job seekers are advised to be cautious and do their due diligence before responding to unsolicited messages. We continue to maintain the highest level of IT security and wish to emphasize that this hoax is not the result of any compromise to the security of Robert Walters systems.

For inquiries concerning this matter, please contact us at