The role of a brand manager

With the continued entrance of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms into Indonesia branding roles become increasingly popular with marketing professionals. Drawn by the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry, candidates often perceive their experience in an FMCG firm as a valuable addition to their resume.

We outline the key trends in this competitive sector.


Market trends and opportunities

Different consumers require branding strategies. Since companies are launching multiple successful brands that cater to different market segments no one manager can effectively manage all these brands. Thus, brand managers always remain in high demand and opportunities to acquire such positions are plenty throughout the year.

Brand managers are not required within the FMCG sector in Indonesia. Demand has also risen in other related consumer industries such as manufacturing, retail, as well as financial services. In addition, in-house employment of brand managers by charities, business-to-business service providers such as IT have also become common. 

The truth about brand management

Marketers may find it glamorous working for big brands within the FMCG sector. Even so, the profession has its challenges because the brand name and public image of the company is constantly at stake. Most brand managers typically find themselves with a broad spectrum of responsibilities such as:

  • Generating names and packaging design for new and existing products
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies to effectively communicate product benefits
  • Monitoring product distribution and consumer reactions through focus groups and market research
  • Assessing the profitability of your product and improving on the current brand presence in the market
  • Keeping updated on the latest marketing trends as part of the planning process and execution of campaigns

What are the employers looking for?

Successful brand managers often display a combination of business acumen and creativity. Employers also look for candidates with organisational skills and a meticulous nature. Being organised and careful are important qualities, especially within the FMCG sector since the job requires them to manage multiple projects. Those with regional experience in handling big bands are also extremely attractive as demand is usually greater than the supply of talent available. These individuals will also have to be self-driven with the ability to spot business opportunities in the market.

The career path

Senior brand managers often lead a team and oversee a wide portfolio of brands. Successful individuals who excel in these roles can eventually assume the role of a marketing director or take on a general management position after an average of six years.

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